Hello and Welcome to my space on the web! Here you can find what I am currently working on, some thoughts on philosophy and in the future, some scientific posts in the blog. If you are into CS and bioinformatics the best way to follow my work is  Twitter.

 A Computer Scientist and Bioinformatician, mostly working on RNA analysis and crafting useful and beautiful (I hope!) web applications along the way. The web technology (Html5 + Javascript + Plotly, Python + mod_wsgi + R, Mysql) allows me to easily share and discuss results with fellow scientists.

Recently I am developing and maintaining two web platforms, expressRNA and microbeAtlas.

 The platform expressRNA integrates protein-RNA binding iCLIP with regulatory (exon and polyA site) information from high-throughput sequencing datasets (RNA-seq, 3'-end targeted RNA-seq). This allows us to study how protein-RNA binding regulates inclusion or exclusion of features (alternative splicing in case of exons and alternative polyadenylation in case of polyA sites).

 The platform microbeAtlas is a powerful gateway to the analysis of more than 1M metagenome samples. The real power of the analyses is in presenting clusters named sample groups / habitats, which can be explored in an interactive fashion.

You can read more and explore the platforms on the  Software page.

 Brief CV
· 2/2019 - present : Staff scientist (Bioinformatics), University of Zurich, Switzerland
· 9/2016 - 2/2018: Postdoc, University of Zurich, Switzerland
· 04/2013 - 8/2016: Phd student, University of Zurich, Switzerland
· 2006: one-year student exchange (Msc) at Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic
· 9/2001 - 5/2008: Msc Computer Science, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Professionally, I was extremely lucky (and fingers crossed for the future!). My strong interest in computer science started in primary school with Commodore 64 BASIC and ZX Spectrum. Then I spent countless hours programming and setting up the school Linux web server. I got hooked, computers and programming were wonderful, there were no mistakes, whatever you did the outcome was predictable, exactly as instructed.
Two other fields attracted me in high school: biology and philosophy. Somehow, computer science combined with biology via bioinformatics. And the best teacher of philosophy is life itself, don't you agree?
Anyways, I also met the right people at the right time and I owe a great deal to the mentorships and collaborations crafted over the years. I do my best to nourish these relationships

Feel free to contact me in case you are interested in establishing new research collaborations:  gregor.rot (at) uzh.ch